We are an intermediary portal for accommodation with benefit points payment option. Our goal is to facilitate the use of benefit points from your employer for stays around the world.

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Questions about BENEFIT POINTS
  • How is the benefit payment made?
    When making a reservation, we will send you an email with a link to the payment gateway of your benefit points.
    In the case of payment by paper benefits, we will ask you to take pictures of them and send the original to our delivery address.
  • Is it possible to pay the difference if I do not have the number of benefit points in the booking price?
    Yes, of course it is possible to divide the payment for accommodation into several methods. E.g. benefit points, voucher and payment by bank card or transfer.
    After creating the reservation, we will check the amount paid with the benefits and then we will send you a new payment link / further instructions for the surcharge. Alternatively, do not hesitate to contact us directly regarding the distribution of the payment and we will be happy to set up the payment for you and distribute it according to your requirements.
  • What benefits can I claim on eHotel.cz?
    • Benefity.cz
    • Benefit plus
    • Sodexo Benefity
    • Edenred Café
    • Edenred Benefits Card
    • Gallery Beta
    • eBenefits of Up Group company
    • Up Group (paper benefits)
    • Sodexo Pass (paper benefits)
  • Is it possible to combine the benefit payment with the voucher?
    Yes, we allow a combination of any payment methods within the reservation: for example, voucher + benefit points + additional payment by card.
  • Can I use benefits to purchase eHotel gift voucher?
    Yes, you can buy an eHotel voucher up to the statutory limit of 20 thousands annually..
  • Is it possible to combine the benefits of several family members into one order?
    Yes, you can combine multiple benefit payment methods and split the amount for the same type of benefit into multiple payments.
Questions about OUR SERVICES
  • How can I use the purchased voucher?
    The voucher can be used repeatedly for all our accommodation services until its value is exhausted.
  • How to redeem a voucher for accommodation?
    A voucher can be used to make a reservation. Before sending the order itself, it is possible to add it to the reservation itself and the value will be deducted from the reservation price.
  • What are the cancellation conditions?
    The cancellation policy always reflects the cancellation policy of the accommodation. In our network of hotels, they are listed on the hotel detail when selecting the date as well as the selected accommodation on Booking.com.
  • Can I buy a ticket abroad at eHotel.cz?
    Yes, it is possible to buy tickets from Kiwi on our website https://www.ehotel.cz/en/letenky/
  • What should an advance invoice contain?
    The advance invoice should contain the billing details of the accommodation or travel agency, bank details, variable symbol, due date and subject of performance "Accommodation" or any form expressing the billing item as accommodation (eg "Accommodation Booking") in any language.
  • I have a different question.
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