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1 Information about you and your hotel

This hotel does not allow immediate payment by company card when making a reservation, so we cannot arrange this accommodation through Booking. Please choose another hotel or pay for this accommodation with your benefit points by paying the Advance (or final) invoice issued by the accommodation provider.

The link to the accommodation must be from the portal ''.

info_icon Please fill in your address, not the hotel address
2 Payment method
Note: Enter the price of accommodation without personal credits or discounts and in the currency of the hotel destination. Platba online Sodexo Benefity Benefit Plus eBenefity Edenred Benefity Café
Platba online Sodexo Benefity Online payment by Sodexo Benefity Platba online Sodexo Benefity
Sodexo Pass Sodexo Pass paper payment
CZK Payment by
Edenred Benefity Café Payment by Edenred Benefity Café
Edenred Benefits Card Payment by Edenred Benefits Card Edenred Benefits Card
Benefity Plus:
Benefit Plus Payment by Benefit Plus
Up Group:
Gallery Beta Payment by Gallery Beta
eBenefity Payment by eBenefity eBenefity
Up Group Up Group paper payment
Platba kartou online Platba kartou online
3 Cancellation insurance

The insurance covers cancellation due to accident, illness (including Covid-19) or unexpected events at home or in the family.

Once your order is complete, a link to a short form for the insurance company will be emailed to you. After filling it in, the price will be calculated and you will be offered suitable insurance.
4 Booking payment summary for

If you want to reimburse only part of the benefits, contact us at

Cancellation policy is governed by the property

Conditions for reimbursement of accommodation from another reservation portal

  1. Only accommodation that can be paid by card when making a reservation.
  2. We will only pay for the accommodation to which you send us a link at least 4 days before your arrival at the accommodation facility.
  3. You cannot apply personal discounts and bonuses to We create and manage the reservation.
  4. We calculate the current price of accommodation on the booking portal at the time of booking due to occasional price changes.
  5. Only accommodation can be reimbursed, not parking or other services up to the amount of CZK 20,000.
  6. We do not accept Airbnb reservations for security and tax reasons.

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